September 11, 2018

Why Some People Don’t Have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are often painful and yet essential part of a human’s life. But some people are confused when they don’t have wisdom teeth like their friends and family. If you are also wondering why some people don’t have wisdom teeth, then you should read on.

The Basics

Wisdom teeth are third molars that erupt far back in your mouth. There are four wisdom teeth in a person’s mouth and they are supposed to erupt between the ages of 18 to 25 years. However, these age limits are not set in stone. Some people have wisdom teeth when they are 13, and some get them when they are 30 years old.

  • Anthropologists’ Views

According to anthropologists, humans had wisdom teeth because they helped the ancients to chew and swallow the rough diet that consisted of meats, leaves, and roots. As humans no longer have such a rough diet, many humans live without any wisdom teeth.

  • Genetics Matter

A study conducted at Princeton University has stated that genetics play a key role in the non-eruption of wisdom teeth. The brain size of humans has evolved so there is no longer the room to have the third molars.

  • Non-Emergence

In some cases, the wisdom teeth are present in the jaw bone, but they don’t grow further as there is no space in the jaw to accommodate them. In such cases, the wisdom teeth remain in your jaw bone for years and years.

  • Early Removal

Wisdom teeth often trigger problems like pain, infections, gum disease or worse, tooth decay. This is why many people get them removed as soon as they start erupting. So, if you know someone who hasn’t got them, it is likely that they have gotten them removed earlier.

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